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How I Made a Retrospective Book Project in Three Weeks

The domain of Hemlock Time had its anniversary last July. I decided to make a book to celebrate the milestone of my writing career. The past year was the entry point for consistent blogging and the leap from ideation to creation since I began drafting my novel. Before I took on the mission, I asked myself this question, “How can I complete a book in a short amount of time?” Here’s how.

What is the product?

The first step was to specify what kind of book I must have by the end of the project.

  • A retrospective book to represent the past year
  • A self-published digital book that will be available for free and must be released not that far from the anniversary date
  • The book will only be available in PDF format, not in EPUB and MOBI (this choice was due to time-constraint)

What do I need to make the product?

The next step was to list down the content and the tools I needed in building the project.

  • Since it was going to be a retrospective book, I must choose blog posts from the past year.
  • To make the digital book, I needed a software.
  • To add visuals for the book, I needed graphics.

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Two Become One

It’s probably like a Pacific Viperfish and a white lion mating and producing a hybrid offspring unbeknownst to all scientists past and future (I’m ambitious and delusional like this). What an oddity! Amazeballs! Holy crapola this is the future of zoology! Yeah, yeah. Simply put, I was in awe.


Lay Siege to Shit

He said I couldn’t do it even when I expressed I wanted to do it. But I did. Now I got shit on my two hands, shit from sweat, fire, tears, persistence, and lots of late night work. Shit that, if only for myself, I’m proud of.

Wasteland by Denis Defreyne

The Future

The future is a wasteland filled by a gazillion nameless and faceless consumers. What will be the smartphone’s successor? What will replace the tablet? Will we ever get all our nourishment needs through pills? What’s going to be the next car model? What this. What that. Wait this. Wait that. Buy this. Buy that.

2012 international swim meet [Image 8 of 13] by [DVIDSHUB](https://www.flickr.com/photos/dvids/)

Old Faces, New Friends

Pool. Food. Drinks. Old jokes and old funny stories. These were the highlights of my Saturday night. I was with a group of familiar faces, those I’ve known for more than a decade. Yet a part of me said they’re strangers to me. I knew their names but I didn’t know who they were.