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The Guide to Discovering Your Life Purpose

Last June, I posted a photo on Instagram and Twitter with a quote from C.J., The Metal Motivator. It said,

“Since most people were raised on television, their habit is to observe instead of engage. They allow the world to do their thinking for them.”

A commercial banker from Seattle, Washington found my tweet through a hashtag used in one of James Clear’s webinars, which we both participated in. “I love this! I’m guessing you don’t watch TV often..” Kyle Benson replied to my tweet.  Continue reading →

Reading A Newspaper By A Wall

8 Habits to Improve Your Life

Why do some people find it difficult to change their lives? A plethora of reasons accounts for this but one very important thing to successfully improve a life is the incorporation of habits. James Clear even wrote a book about it. Finding the beginning of change uncomfortable, most people quickly give up, making the distance between them and their improved lives farther than ever.

Inspired by Vivek Pandey‘s answer to a Quora question “What are 10 (or fewer) good habits that changed your life?”, I bring to you his eight habits with a little commentary for each on how I have applied them to my life and how they have benefitted me.

read on a wall by Mario Mancuso

read on a wall by Mario Mancuso


This year, I made a “Books I’ve Read” list after being inspired by another blogger who did the same. So far, I have listed 38 books already and is hopeful to add a few more for this year’s remaining months. Making reading a daily habit has made me open-minded and hungry for knowledge more than ever. It has also helped widen my taste in books. Non-fiction books didn’t interest me before but they’re my go-to books now. In fact, I have tuned myself away from fiction books for the time being.

Working Out

Nothing takes the “stress” of work away like a good workout at the gym every night. Those who say they could not find the energy or time to work out are clearly uneducated about exercise or are too lazy about it. If I could do it, then why couldn’t you? Aside from the obvious health benefits of exercise, it helps give me energy for my writing session which happens at night when I get home.


What is the importance of traveling aside from leisure and recreation? Traveling exposes us to new environment and people, and new cultures and traditions if you’re traveling abroad, teaching us something new, broadening our minds, and helping us step away from our comfort zones. Compared to last year, I have fewer trips this year due to monetary reasons. When I’m in a better position financially next year, I plan to incorporate more traveling in my life. Traveling alone is at the top of my Must-Do list since I have read that it amplifies the experience and benefits mentioned earlier. Continue reading →

Sunlit Thunderstorm (5)

The Sentinels

The last violation of physics
at the park
disturbed the mind
of our Porcelain
visions of others
who looked like her
gave way to brooding
for days and nights.
The reason for
her arrival on the planet
unbeknownst to her
she wondered who,
what, why, and where
all she knew
was that
on the planet
where she slept by day
wasn’t where she
truly belonged.
Like a seed growing
over time
her worry, her brooding
amounted to something else
one cloudy day
when the people were out and about
in the walls of her home
our Porcelain dreamt.


she heard
somebody pushed her
on a grey, cold floor. Continue reading →

Morocco - Sahara - Nomade

What Being a Nomad Taught Me – Part 2

Note: This is Part 2 of a two-part article “What Being a Nomad Taught Me”.

Goodbye School! Hello School Again! Sharks!

I read books again, not for reviewing my teaching materials but for studying. No longer I stood in front of the class. I sat on a student chair again. One of the courses I previously taught was being taught to me. I knew I could teach the subject better.

The Masters program didn’t have the joy of college. The discussions and exams were boring, or maybe because we had night classes so the energy level was low. Perhaps it was just the nature of it. Students who already graduated from college knew they would graduate again anyway so there wasn’t that much enthusiasm in them. But I was grateful. The company sponsored the Masters program while employing us. What’s wrong with that?

Then there were sharks. I felt like a small fish in a pond full of sharks. People with good IT knowledge surrounded me and I felt very insignificant. My experience as a college teacher meant nothing to the managers, programmers, quality analysts, and sales people around me. I was back at the bottom of the barrel. For the first time in my life, I was employed in an IT company – what I wanted for so long. But I didn’t have a smile on my face. Continue reading →


What Being a Nomad Taught Me – Part 1

Note: This is Part 1 of a two-part article “What Being a Nomad Taught Me”.

For the majority of my life, I lived like a nomad but not the “wandering in the desert” or “no permanent address” type. From grade school to high school, I didn’t settle with a clique of friends. I chose to hang out with different groups of people. In college, I chose to rearrange my curriculum instead of joining block sections. I made friends with other irregular students. When the world of employment finally welcomed me, I hopped from job to job yearning for that something I couldn’t put my finger on before. Some called it happiness. Some called it fulfilment. Being the nomad that I was, I called it home.

With the third decade of my life finally concluded, I couldn’t help but wonder about my previous nomadic life. Did I miss out on friendships I should’ve built a long time ago? Did I waste my career opportunities by not being content with my previous employments? Did I blow my chances of a promotion by jumping ship too soon? How about I ask the scariest question a man can ask himself – Did I waste years of my life with my nomadic lifestyle? Continue reading →

M31 - Andromeda Galaxy (NGC 224) [Explored #21]

Bully and Child

Gone was the loneliness
when she first “fell” on earth
for the little ones
put a smile
on her porcelain face
like a signal
like a whistle
like a green light
the bleeding of the sun
would tell Porcelain
that the time had arrived.
Blue blanket and courage
her companions,
she’d brave
the unsafe streets
just to see
them little ones

“You’re back!”

they cried
when she

“I’m happy you’re here,” Continue reading →

Universe in my hands

Synchronicity (A Gift From the Universe) and How to Attract It

Last Sunday, I went out to dinner with my friends to celebrate my 30th birthday (Also read: 30 Life Lessons Before Turning 30). During dinner, one of them suggested we catch a movie after, The Equalizer starring Denzel Washington. I agreed, without any knowledge about the movie and without any inkling of the surprise awaiting me.

We occupied a row of seats at the back, me sitting at the rightmost. After a series of movie trailers, The Equalizer finally rolled. Against a black background, a favorite quote from Mark Twain appeared in white letters.

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.

My friend to my left immediately turned to me upon seeing the quote. We two had been having some deep conversations about life in the past few weeks and I mentioned that quote to her before. “Hmm,” I thought. The movie was off to a good start. Continue reading →