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Should You Own a Physical or a Digital Library?

When e-books started popping many years ago, I felt secretly upset. The arrival of the newcomers threatened to violate the purity of reading physical books, a journey from the cover page to the last page. When my colleagues began downloading e-book novels, I became disgusted. In my mind, it was a criminal offense and people who only read physical books were true readers in my eyes until last year happened.

Searching online for fitness tips and articles, I stumbled upon Jason Ferruggia’s blog and The Renegade Diet. It intrigued me. I have never tried intermittent fasting before and with the changes happening in my life around that time (I began my writing career), the concept of the diet appealed to me. It would give me back some of my time spent eating in the morning and noon, and it complimented my workout at the gym in the evening. I purchased The Renegade Diet and received the book in digital form. I fell in love with the book and has since then adapted to the Renegade Diet. My first e-book purchase completely satisfied me and the book became the first in my digital library.

Are you thinking of building your own library? If yes, what is the better option? Should you build a traditional physical library or a digital one? Let us list down the pros of both types of library. Continue reading


Where Have All The Motivational Articles Gone?

Were you looking for the next “Is Your Bucket List Truly Yours“? Or perhaps a follow up to “8 Habits to Improve Your Life“? Were you hoping for a Part 3 of “What Being a Nomad Taught Me“? Were you wondering, “Where have all the motivational articles gone?”

This year, my two websites and took the challenge of harnessing their focus. Hemlock Time will now be featuring writing, publishing, software, and entrepreneurial articles while Xeno Hemlock (the website, not me) will house our motivational articles. It’s a pre-requisite for our new journey this new year. Change is part of progress and yes, we’re not afraid of change!

You’ll find below excerpts or summaries of articles from

Littered throughout Foo Fighter’s latest album Sonic Highways are motivational nudges and winks. If you need a source of motivation other than tweets and photos from Instagram and Facebook, then their new album is your buddy. If your listening ears are more than open, you’ll hear hidden gems of reminders in each song, telling you a thing or two about life and dreams. – Life Reminders From Foo Fighters’ Sonic Highways

Here are important phrases when talking about our dreams: my new life, my dream, my upcoming novel, my blogging, my life purpose, vision, mission, and dreams, my nirvana, my friends and family, I felt on top of the world, I had (new found life), I watched, I felt crushed, I cried.

Let’s apply some equality. If my = I (my is equals to I), what do the phrases above have in common? – The Most Important Letter in Your Pursuit of Your Dreams

Continue reading

Nadya Has Moved

As part of the process of improving the focus of Hemlock Time, the poetry series Her Name Was Nadya has left us here and has moved to You can follow the weekly series here.

You might also have noticed the changes in our menu. Blog is gone and its submenus (Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur, and Others) are now standing on their own. Though the idea was implemented last year, there was still some fixing that needed to be done. This year, we’ll be focusing more on the site’s new mission – to help each other in our goals to becoming writers, publishers, and entrepreneurs. In case you’re wondering where that concept came from, we were inspired by Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch’s APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur—How to Publish a Book.

Until the next post. Stay tuned!

Espresso Lifecycle

It’s Not The Coffee Again (A Quick Story of Perseverance and Dreams)

Sitting on the chair, I plugged the MacBook Pro’s power cable to the outlet next to me. The barista’s voice behind me called out names. The low hum of the people’s voices, the swift energy of humans going in and out of the shop, and the bittersweet aroma of the coffee didn’t bother as I began typing away.

A cup of Americano rested to the right of my machine. Minutes passed, I pounded my fingers against the keys. Minutes passed, I touched my chin with my hand, enveloped in deep thought. Minutes passed, I gave my eyes a break by glancing around for a different view. Minutes passed, the green mermaid in the cup’s logo winked at me. She said “Hello” and told me a story from her founder. Continue reading

Saboten-Con Saturday Portraits - Trigun goes for the Krispy Kremes

Trigun: Plot and Character Analysis by September C. Fawkes

Anime shows will always hold a special place in the hearts of their fans. Watching an anime show is like reading a novel, each episode a chapter, except you don’t flip pages and read text. Instead, you watch illustrations move, hear the catchy soundtrack, and listen to the dub or read the subtitles.

Anime shows are beloved by fans around the world for two things: characters and storytelling. Anime characters are colourful, complex, and intriguing, which is why fans are living out their fantasies of being their favourite anime character in the form of cosplaying. Anime’s storytelling, consisting of multiple layers of humour, action, drama, suspense, and symbolism, keeps you hooked from one episode to the next.

Writer September C. Fawkes dissected the popular Trigun, shedding light on its characters and its plot for us writers to relate better to it. Instead of looking at the show from a viewer’s perspective, Fawkes helped us to look it from a writer’s angle. At the time of the show’s airing here in the Philippines, it stood out from other anime shows also airing at the same time. More subdued, subtle, and serious at times, the show became an instant favourite for serious anime fanatics. Continue reading


It’s Not The Coffee (Discovering The Magic of Harry Potter’s Origin)

If am going to write a novel in the future with a “holy ‘water'” or a “fountain of youth” theme, I shall make the prized liquid hot, aromatic, and black.

See related article: I’ve Gone Black and I’m Not Coming Back

Black. Coffee. Is. The. Bane. Of. My. Existence.

Okay, I’m exaggerating but I just love that damn thing. I haven’t even taken a sip yet and I’m already shaking holding a cup of it. I just emptied a cup and I want another one, again. When the day planned to be spent writing in a coffee shop came, I was squealing inside with excitement.

On a vacation leave from work that day, I went to a Starbucks a block away behind our office. The incentive leave must be used and I didn’t have any planned vacation. Since being confined inside our house for a day to witness my mother playing Facebook games was something I didn’t look forward to, I went to “work”, well, almost. Besides, I wanted to go to the gym, which was conveniently located near our office, in the evening. Continue reading


Happy New Year! 2015, We’re Ready.

Happy New Year everyone! We are excited for 2015.

Over at, we summarized our 2014 as Change.

People fear change and run away from it because change brings the unknown, challenges, uncertainty, and discomfort. But I have learned, and I say with great conviction from my heart on this 31st day of December, that without change we will never grow. 

Read the full article.

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