The Mutt From Bronte

Though lights gave life
to the sleeping town
humans were in bed
sleeping, snoring, copulating
no one witnessed
the stranger in white
glowing softly
and walking on the streets.
Porcelain passed Lyall
filled with the aroma
of flour and cheese
and coffee and newspaper
but only in the morning.
She turned right to Maugham
passed semi-dark windows
of shoes, and suits
of skirts, and vests
of bodies immobile
skin clear but lifeless.
Turn left then right
Right, right, left
cross over the bridge
not a sight of ducks on the river.

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Blue in Porcelain

On that unordinary night
that followed an ordinary morning
in a dark alleyway
illuminated by one street lamp
nearby a trash bin
and two cats scouring
for midnight snacks
low and soft purring
on the cold, hard floor
lay a motionless body
ruffled light brown hair
and porcelain skin
adorned by a white
but dirty clothing.
Cars passed by on the street ahead
a drunk walked by with no awareness
of the uninvited presence
of the fallen porcelain.
Cats done looking
gingerly walked to her body
sniffed her hair then ears then cheeks
and her breasts that were slowly breathing.
They knew she wasn’t from here
but they sensed no evil
one cat turned away after a lick
the other completely uninterested.

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Writing Practices From The Workplace

Unless you aren’t aware yet, I’m a software developer and a writer. When the sun is alive, I write software code. When the moon replaces the sun, I write (currently working on my debut novel) using the English language. Sailing on two different rivers may seem hard to balance and disjointed at first glance. However, over time I discovered their similarities. Below are some writing practices that are also applied in my workplace.

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Another Way To Enjoy The Music

The other way to enjoy a popular song, aside from hearing the instrumentation from a live version, is to listen to its soul, its chords and keys, on the piano. It’s comparable to rereading a book not to dive into the plot or to mingle with the characters again, but to soak in the naked beauty of the words’ prose – the heart and soul of the written art.

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Ways That Show You are Misusing Twitter

Twitter is an influential and relevant social network. It brings news right to your fingertips. It helps you meet people with the same interests from different corners of the globe. Best of all, it delivers real-time updates from your friends, celebrity crushes, and other public figures you follow. Despite all of these, there are still people who do not recognise the power Twitter possesses. I have personally seen friends with Twitter accounts not take advantage of its benefits. Are you one of these people? How can you tell? Below is a list of Twitter usage that shows misuse of it.

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Xenflexio and Xenanimus

…to the lifestyle of the societal nomads. For they were tricked by the god of heaven with noisy parties and classy balls. He said, “Follow my commandments and you will have it all!” He sent forth angels with wings made of paper. They sang hymnal lullabies and the nomads rejoiced. I believed the god and […]

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How To Tell If You are Confident With Your Dream

“What are your plans?”

I was confronted with this question last Monday night, while out on a dinner with a couple of friends. One talked about the local businesses he had set up this year. The other mentioned her newly bought condominium. They both turned to me and one of them asked the question.

“I’m writing a book and there’s a change of dynamics happening with my career,” I replied.

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